What modulates our Sun? The majority of science work on the principle that the Sun is self modulating and each solar cycle is a product of a random number generator. There are others that suspect the Sun is modulated by the planets with a special emphasis on Uranus & Neptune. Thanks to Carl Smith who has recently left us we have new knowledge that significantly adds to Jose, Landscheidt & Charvàtovà's work.

Geoff Sharp

New Book: Solar Storms: The Astrology of Solar Activity


Landscheidt and I were friends. I sent him his first home computer in the late 1970s, a Commodore PET, and it was with this computer that he worked on some of his key research. He visited and taught at our center here in Michigan.

Theodor Landscheidt was not just a scientist, but also an astrologer and mystic. His first book “Cosmic Cybernetics” was an inspiration to me and I dedicated my book “Astrophysical Directions” to Landscheidt in 1976. It is now available as a free e-book under the title “The Astrology of Space” from this site:

I also have just posted a new free e-book called: “Sun Storms: The Astrology of Solar Activity,” for those interested in the astrological side of all this. I can be reached at



As I said to Sharp, it's very

As I said to Sharp, it's very initeresting that as Saturn and the Earth have reached an opposition the sunspot activity has picked up.  Now with the oppostion just past perhaps it will trend back to it's typical recent low level.

Sharp hasn't responded, but I suspect he's simply busy.  Same here, but when I get a chance I'll look at the astrology book (I'm an astrologer, incindentally) to see what there is to see.  Have a good day, Jon Hassinger.

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REPLY: I did respond. My suggestion was to plot every planetary lineup you think important against actual solar activity. You would need to do this for several decades of data at least. Landscheidt missed out on the real discovery of how the planets controlled the Sun because of his astrology beliefs. He saw the AMP event (PTC he called it) but attributed this phenomenon to changes on Earth like animal stock, war, stock market changes etc instead of seeing the changes in solar output itself.

So the moral in the story is astrology can cost you, not only the wasted time, but in this case a giant discovery.

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Dear Geoff,  I’m the

Dear Geoff,  I’m the astrologer who’s interested in  your site. I'm still confused about where to comment but working on it.  My familiarity with computers is limited.

I commented earlier this month concerning an upcoming planetary relationship, with Mercury conjunct Earth opposed to Saturn, (this taken from the point of view of the sun). It occurred and there was a clear increase in sunspot activity. The Earth and Mercury have now passed those geometric positions and your sun is now trending again in the direction of spotless days.

This stuff seems easy.  Simply follow the rules shown by the sun / Earth / moon that result in the tides.  Though with more orbs, it’s more complex, of course, but the thinking is the same.

This stuff is child’s play compared to astrology.

Am I erroneous in my thinking? Is there some mysterious something I don’t know about causing the sunspots, or do conjunctions, squares, and oppositions among the planets coax sunspots into existence?



ps.  Thanks for the daily sunspot update. Great fun.


REPLY: I think you are getting the hang of the comment system, comments are approved by me before being public. There has been studies of planet positions and solar activity and one in particular by NASA (Hung) that worked mainly with JEV if I remember correctly. Your idea is simple to test, just get the daily or monthly SIDC values from their website and plot them in excel and then plot the planet configuration dates you suggest and test your theory over a couple of cycles. Until that is done there is really no basis to make any claims.

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Geoff, you are correct and I

Geoff, you are correct and I won't bug you any more about the astrological end of it unless something really cool is about to happen.  I'm just about to complete my first beginner book on the subject and intent to be too busy hawking my product to have the inclination to follow astrology vs sunspots in a truely scientific way.  I do admire you for your site though and intend to continue being a regular. 

Have you been readiing the news about the volcanoes?  Great stuff, expecially the little guy pushing through the water off Japan.



Jeff your captcha thing doesn't work. It is a piece of shit.

So the next minimum is recognised in Poland as the Landsceidt Minimum.


REPLY: We will see if William Connelly tries to wipe this record. I have been trying to rectify the Landscheidt page on Wiki where he insists that Landscheidt named the minimum after himself, he provides a reference which does not back up his claim. It seems the gatekeeper's views are more important than the facts.

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