What modulates our Sun? The majority of science work on the principle that the Sun is self modulating and each solar cycle is a product of a random number generator. There are others that suspect the Sun is modulated by the planets with a special emphasis on Uranus & Neptune. Thanks to Carl Smith who has recently left us we have new knowledge that significantly adds to Jose, Landscheidt & Charvàtovà's work.

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The next ice age could begin any day
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“Unprecedented ice conditions” in Newfoundland

Thu, 04/06/2017 - 14:37

Sea ice four feet (122 cm) thick in places.

As of Monday, easterly winds had driven ice the western side of Conception Bay and Trinity Bay near St. Johns.

Newfoundland sea ice – 4 Apr 2017 – Photo courtesy Canadian Coast Guard

Much of the ice near St. John’s and along the island’s eastern shore is more than four feet thick, said Rebecca Acton-Bond, acting superintendent of ice operations for the Canadian Coast Guard.

Wind-driven sea ice in sheltered harbors is not abnormal, as similar occurrences took place in 1993, 2008 and 2014.

However, the pressure impacted upon the ice this year is much higher than normal, said Acton-Bond.

Earlier this week a whale succumbed after being trapped in the ice off Newfoundland and a ferry carrying 209 passengers,  85 commercial vehicles and 65 other vehicles was stuck in the ice off Cape Breton.

“Ice is now fully into the harbour,” says storm Hunter Mark Robinson. An older couple we just talked to said they haven’t seen anything like this since the 80’s.

See ice photos from Mark Robinson:

Thanks to scsi_joe for this link

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Whale trapped in ice off Newfoundland – Video

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 23:18

This week’s storm lead to wildlife fatalities

Whales and dolphins became stranded near shore due to the large chunks of sea ice blown by strong winds.

Unfortunately, the whale succumbed.

For a story with a happier ending, see how humans braved the blizzard in order to save dolphins trapped in thick pack ice

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Snow depth still increasing in Siberia

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 15:27

Instead of melting, the snow is thickening.

The height of the snow cover north of the 60th parallel is on average 50-70 cm (20 to 34 inches) and even higher in some places such as Yenisei, where it is above 80 cm (32 inches).

And a new cyclone bringing snow and blizzards in the next 24 hours is moving from Yamal to Taymyr.

Winds up to 54-72Km/h in most of Eastern Siberia, in some places up to 86Km/h.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

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Atlantic ferry carrying 209 passengers stuck in ice off Cape Breton

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 15:10

The MV Highlanders left North Sydney, Nova Scotia, around noon on Tuesday. It got stuck in the ice shortly thereafter with 209 passengers, 85 commercial vehicles and 65 other vehicles on board.

MV Highlanders – Marine Atlantic/Twitter

Another Marine Atlantic ferry — the MV Blue Puttees — had left Port aux Basques, N.L., late Tuesday morning to try to cut a path for the Highlanders to get out into open water. However, the Blue Puttees had to shut down its engines due to ice clog.

Better news came around 8 pm last evening when Marine Atlantic spokesperson Darrell Mercer confirmed the Highlanders was free of the ice.

Thanks to Martin Siebert and Alexey Parkhomenko in Russia for these links

“I saw a Russian translation of the story earlier today in our (Russia’s) popular news site,” says Alexey.

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Record snowfall buries Newfoundland houses up to their roofs

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 14:32

More than 3 feet (97 cm) of snow in Gander since Thursday.

5 Apr 2017 –  Added to what was already on the ground, this brings total seasonal snowfall in Gander to a record 238 cm (93.7 inches), shattering the province’s previous record of 174 cm (68.5 inches) set in 2004.

See photos:

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Book Burning Next?

Wed, 04/05/2017 - 13:41

Democrats Ask Teachers To Destroy Books Written By ‘Climate Deniers’, reads the headline on

Democrats Ask Teachers To Destroy Books Written By ‘Climate Deniers’

By Andrew Follett
Energy and Science Reporter

Three senior House Democrats asked U.S. teachers Monday to destroy a book written by climate scientists challenging the environmentalist view of global warming.

The Democrats were responding to a campaign by the conservative Heartland Institute copies of the 2015 book, “Why Climate Scientists Disagree About Global Warming” to about 200,000 science teachers. Democratic Reps. Bobby Scott of the Committee on Education, Raúl M. Grijalva of the Committee on Natural Resources, and Eddie Bernice Johnson of the Committee on Science, Space and Technology all issued a statement telling teachers to trash the book.

“Public school classrooms are no place for anti-science propaganda, and I encourage every teacher to toss these materials in the recycling bin,” Scott said. “If the Heartland Institute and other climate deniers want to push a false agenda on global warming, our nation’s schools are an inappropriate place to drive that agenda.”

The book’s three authors all hold doctorates and taught climate or related science at the university level. The book was written by former Arizona State University climatologist Dr. Craig D. Idso, James Cook University marine geology and paleontology professor Robert M. Carter, and University of Virginia environmental scientist Dr. Fred Singer.

Grijalv accused the scientists of “lying to children about the world we live in to further corporate polluter profits” and said that doing so was “cruel.”

Read entire article:

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Blizzard warnings continue in Newfoundland

Tue, 04/04/2017 - 15:00

Accumulations 50 to 65 cm (19.7″ to 25.6″) by Tuesday evening. Freezing rain in parts of Quebec.


Monday 03 April 2017
Blizzard warning for Bay of Exploits, Bonavista North, Buchans and the interior, Connaigre, Gander and vicinity, Grand Falls-Windsor and vicinity, Green Bay – White Bay, Northern Peninsula East and Terra Nova regions

Total snowfall accumulations in the Gander area and over much of northeastern Newfoundland are forecast to reach 50 to 65 cm (19.7″ to 25.6″) by Tuesday evening. Most remaining areas are expected to receive 25 to 40 cm (9.8″ to 15.7″) of snowfall, except over the Great Northern Peninsula where 10 to 15 cm (3.9″ to 5.9″) is forecast. (also nl3, nl6, nl9, nl20, nl7, nl10, nl18 and nl16 in the address link for the other affected areas)

Blizzard warning for Bonavista Peninsula and Clarenville and vicinity regions (also nl1 in the address link for the Clarenville and vicinity warning)


Freezing rain warning for Amos area, La Sarre area, Lebel-sur-Quévillon area, Malartic area, Rouyn area, Senneterre area, Val d’Or – Louvicourt area, Dorval Lodge area, Le Domaine area, Berthierville – Saint-Gabriel area, Mascouche area, Rawdon – Joliette area, Mont-Tremblant – Sainte-Agathe area, Sainte-Adèle – Saint-Sauveur area, La Minerve – Rouge River area, Mont-Laurier area, Saint-Donat – Mont-Tremblant Park area, Saint-Michel-des-Saints area, Gouin Reservoir area and Parent area regions (also qc59, qc64, qc62, qc60, qc61 and qc54 in the address link for the other affected areas)

Thanks to Terry Homeniuk for these links

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Six inches of snow for Texas Panhandle

Tue, 04/04/2017 - 14:27

“Dalhart is going to get about six inches of snow, and Amarillo two [inches]. said KAMC Storm Team Chief Meteorologist Ron Roberts.

Mostly snow in blues areas. Rain/snow mix in orange areas.

“There could still be some localized freeze,” said Roberts, warning vineyards to keep the plants warm Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

“Rain showers are expected to change over to snow in the northwestern portions of the Texas Panhandle early Tuesday afternoon,” according to the National Weather Service.

“Light snow accumulations will be possible along and northwest of Highway 54. Depending on small-scale fluctuations in tomorrow’s setup, that ‘accumulation line’ may have to be pulled north or south. A rain/snow mix is possible north of a Hereford-Borger-Perryton line, but little to no accumulations are expected that far south/east.”

Snow Possible Tomorrow in the northwestern Texas Panhandle

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Heavy snowpack could keep North Cascades Hwy closed until June

Mon, 04/03/2017 - 14:14

An “unusually massive amount” of snow – Still 45 feet deep in places. That’s enough snow to fully cover a 4-story building! 

Looking west from Cutthroat Ridge along SR 20, 16 Mar 2017. Photo courtesy WSDOT

The planned April 10 start date for clearing State Route 20 over the North Cascades is nearly a month later than the typical mid-March start date, according to Washington State Dept of Transportation

“Weather, snow slides, and many still-full avalanche chutes make it unsafe to begin the work any earlier,” WSDOT announced in a press release.

“Clearing the North Cascades Highway usually takes four to six weeks, but the estimate this year is that it could take up to eight weeks.  The latest reopening ever for the North Cascades Highway was June 14, 1974.  This year’s clearing work could extend into June as well.  The high volume of snow through the 34 mile closed section is responsible for the estimate of up to eight-weeks to reopen the highway.

“A typical opening is by the first weekend in May for Winthrop’s “49’er Days,” said Washington State Department of Transportation Twisp Maintenance Supervisor Don Becker.  We’ve only been closed through Memorial Day once in 40 years, but it could happen this year.”

The delay could also affect Memorial Day activities, including the Methow Valley Rodeo.

“On a March 16 assessment trip, WSDOT avalanche and maintenance staff found snow 25 feet deep on the highway under four of the 11 Cutthroat Ridge avalanche chutes.  Below Liberty Bell Mountain the three main chutes were still full of snow but had 35 to 45 foot accumulations on the highway below them.

WSDOT Press Release

Thanks to Stephen Bird for these links

“This year, what about next?” asks Stephen.

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Another blizzard heading for Newfoundland

Mon, 04/03/2017 - 11:39

More than a foot (30 cm) of snow in many areas


4:00 PM NDT Sunday 02 April 2017

Blizzard warning for Avalon Peninsula North, Avalon Peninsula Southeast, Avalon Peninsula Southwest, Bonavista Peninsula, Burin Peninsula, Clarenville and vicinity and St. John’s and vicinity regions

Snowfall accumulations of 15 to 30 cm (5.9″ to 11.8″) are forecast by Monday morning, with a further 5 to 10 cm (2.0″ to 3.9″) expected Monday night into Tuesday.

Strong northeasterly winds accompanying the snow will keep the pack ice along the northeast facing coastline and may cause ice pressure to build up as the wind strengthens. (also nl1, nl29, nl15, nl5, nl1 and nl21 in the address link for the other affected areas)

Blizzard warning for Bay of Exploits, Bonavista North, Buchans and the interior, Connaigre, Gander and vicinity, Grand Falls-Windsor and vicinity, Green Bay – White Bay, Northern Peninsula East and Terra Nova regions

…widespread accumulations of 20 to 35 cm (7.9″ to 13.7″) expected by Tuesday morning with local amounts along the northeast coast near 55 cm (21.7″). Snowfall accumulations for the Great Northern Peninsula are expected to be 10 to 15 cm (3.9″ to 5.9″).

Strong northerly to northeasterly winds will keep the pack ice along the northeast facing coastline and may cause ice pressure to build up as the wind strengthens. (also nl3, nl6, nl9, nl20, nl7, nl10, nl18 and nl16 in the address link for the other affected areas)


Blizzard warning for Resolute region


Freezing rain warning for Attawapiskat, Fort Severn and Peawanuck regions …  4 to 8 mm (0.16″ to 0.31″) of freezing rain possible tonight into Monday morning. (also on54 and on50 in the address link for the other affected areas)

Thanks to Terry Homeniuk for these links

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Battery Baloney

Mon, 04/03/2017 - 05:06

“Solar energy obviously does best in sunny equatorial deserts, but that is not where most people live.” – Viv Forbes

Battery Baloney

By Viv Forbes
29th March 2017

Every day some green energy promoter or a battery salesman tells us how green energy with battery backup will supply Australia’s future electricity needs.

A battery stores energy. Energy can be stored using lead-acid, nickel/cadmium, lithium, molten salt, pumped hydro, hydrogen, flywheels, compressed air or some other smart gizmo. But NOT ONE battery produces new energy – they simply store and discharge energy produced by other means. They all deliver less energy than they consume. Moreover, to manufacture, charge, use and dispose of batteries consumes energy and resources.

The idea of producing reliable grid power from intermittent green energy backed up by batteries looks possible in green doodle-diagrams, but would be absurdly inefficient and expensive.

Solar works a Six hour day

Consider a solar panel which is rated to collect say 100 units of energy per day at full capacity, in full mid-day sunlight, with a clean panel, properly aligned to face the sun.

No solar energy arrives overnight and only minimal amounts arrive during the three hours after dawn or before dusk. That means that solar energy can only be collected for about 6 hours per day, providing it is not cloudy, raining or snowing. No amount of research or regulation will change this – the solar energy union only works a six-hour day and takes quite a few sickies. So instead of feeding 100 units of energy per day into the grid, at best, the panel supplies just 25 units.

Can the addition of batteries give us 24/7 power from solar?

To deliver 100 units of energy in 24 hours will require an extra 75 units of energy to be collected, stored and delivered by the batteries every sunny day. This will require another three solar units devoted solely to re-charging batteries in just 6 sunny hours.

Cloudy/wet days are what really expose the problems of solar plus batteries. (This is why isolated green power systems must have a diesel generator in the shed.)

To insure against, say, 7 days of cloudy weather would require a solar/battery system capable of collecting and storing 700 units of energy while still delivering 100 units to consumers every day. However if several consecutive weeks of sunny weather then occur, this bloated system is capable of delivering 7 times more power than needed, causing power prices to plunge, driving reliable generators out of business and wasting the life of solar panels producing unwanted electricity.

Solar energy obviously does best in sunny equatorial deserts, but that is not where most people live. And the huge Desertec Solar Power Dream for the northern Sahara has failed.

The report card on wind energy is different, but equally depressing.

When Australia had reliable, predictable coal-gas-hydro power in every state, the need for heavy interstate transmission was minimal. But green power will require robust and costly interstate transmission facilities to send large amounts of power at short notice from sunny coal-rich Queensland to cloudy Victoria, windless South Australia or droughted Tasmania.

Playing Snakes and Ladders with Australia’s Electricity Supply.

We are told that wind/solar plus pumped water storage will provide adequate grid power. Unfortunately those huge hydro-pumps need steady continuous power – something not provided by intermittent green energy. So are politicians planning to install huge chemical batteries or diesel motors to steadily re-charge the elevated water storages in order to get back less energy than was consumed by the pumps?

Image credit:

Both wind and solar are unpredictable, unreliable, intermittent and weather-dependent energy sources. They require large collection areas with a cob-web of access roads and transmission lines. Their output can change suddenly and cannot be managed easily to meet demand fluctuations. They need flexible backup power able to swing in quickly to maintain stability and supply.

Gas provides the easiest back-up for green energy, but gas exploration is banned in many areas of NSW, SAust and the whole of gas-rich Victoria. Canny residents of the green states are now investing in diesel generators.

The Perfect Solar Battery

Mother Earth has already given us the perfect solar battery for long-term storage of energy: it is called “Coal”. Solar power from sunlight is converted by photosynthesis into wood, and thence into coal for high-density long-term solar energy storage. The downside to this system is that it has tied up large quantities of carbon that is therefore unavailable to the natural world. The upside is that releasing the energy from coal also releases life-giving CO2 back into the biosphere, where it belongs.

Our growing energy crisis was caused by political interference – Australian politicians have not learned last century’s lessons of central planning in the comrade societies.

Robert Gottliebsen writing in “The Australian” 21/3/2017 puts it succinctly:

“The looming crisis is much worse than I expected. Three state governments, Victoria, NSW and South Australia, have vandalised our total energy system. The Premiers of each state clearly had no idea what they were doing. . .”

He also wrote:
“My information from the best possible sources is that if Victoria’s Hazelwood power station is shut on April 2, there is a 75% chance of blackouts in NSW and Victoria next summer.”

The best solution would be to cease all government force-feeding of intermittent green energy, get politicians out of the energy business and allow the construction of any gas/coal/nuclear or hydro plants that stack up for energy companies, investors and consumers. This will eliminate all the land-loss, materials and labour involved in building, running and maintaining an unreliable, unpredictable, uneconomic, intermittent and absurdly expensive solar/wind/battery/hydro/diesel monstrosity?”

Intermittent energy with batteries or back-up should be used and paid for by those who find them useful. They should not be subsidised or forced onto power grids or reluctant consumers.

Society has better things to do with community cash than squandering it on massive green energy toys and battery baloney.

Viv Forbes –

Viv Forbes has formal qualifications in Applied Science and Investment Analysis and long experience at analysing industries and projects.

 Further Reading:

Solar Power Realities:

Japan building 45 coal power plants as “renewables” fail:

The 53 year old Hazelwood Coal-fired power station makes more electricity than Australia’s entire wind industry:

Hazelwood is vital to Australia’s power supply:

Australia must Keep Hazelwood Power station open:

Lifetime audit: offshore wind generation remains uncompetitive with gas and coal which are half the cost:

Desertec Sahara Solar Project Fails:

Study finds that trying to store green energy in a battery does more environmental harm than good:

Britain needs to come clean on the costs of renewable energy:

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Pretend conservatives for not so clean energy

Sun, 04/02/2017 - 16:34

Paul Driessen exposes and profiles the pretend conservative groups who supposedly disagree with President Trump’s actions.

“It’s amazing how many “conservative” organizations are stepping forward these days, to support “clean, green” energy and immediate action to stabilize Earth’s always fickle climate, while condemning President Trump’s actions to roll back many Obama Era anti-fossil fuel decisions,” says Driessen. “Among them are Young Conservatives for Energy Reform, Citizens for Responsible Energy Reform, ConservAmerica, RepublicEn (as in Republican Energy), Conservatives for Clean Energy, and the environmentalist Christian Coalition of America.

“But even more interesting is that almost every one of these organizations is funded by “progressive” anti-fossil fuel billionaires and their numerous “charitable” foundations, including The Energy Foundation.”


Pretend conservatives for not so clean energy

Far-left ‘charitable’ foundations give millions to ‘conservative’ groups to drive climate agenda

By Paul Driessen

More and more conservatives are proclaiming the virtues of clean energy. At least that’s what some groups want you to believe. In reality, far-left “charitable” foundations have given pretend conservatives millions of dollars to advance a climate chaos, renewable energy agenda – channeling the funds through intermediary groups, to OxiClean the transactions and limit transparency and accountability.

The huge Green Profiteers Network has to be at least somewhat bipartisan to ensure continued mandates, renewable portfolio standards, production and investment tax credits, regulatory exemptions and other subsidies that have made Climate Crisis, Inc. a $1.5-trillion international business. With global financial and insurance giants allying with that crowd and determined to procure some $93 trillion (!) by 2030 to create a “de-carbonized” and “sustainable” world economy, the effort has intensified.

Rapidly reversing eight years of Obama wealth redistribution

But now it must contend with President Donald Trump. His growing list of executive orders and regulatory reviews is rapidly reversing eight years of Obama “Clean Power Plan,” “social cost of carbon” and other regulatory decrees; laying the foundation for reversing EPA’s absurd finding that plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide “endangers” human health and welfare; and putting the United States in a position to lead the world back from the brink of Paris pact pandemonium and wealth redistribution.

Sparing citizens from the crushing costs of pointless policies

Other countries will likely follow these energy and climate actions, says Cornwall Alliance ethicist Calvin Beisner, thereby “sparing their citizens from the crushing costs of pointless policies to mitigate global warming, by raising energy costs and prohibiting the most reliable, affordable forms of energy.” These actions are vital, because “the greatest threat to the environment is not affluence. It’s poverty.”

Radical environmental groups are nevertheless preparing to battle every Trump action in our courts, legislatures, newsrooms … and streets. Preparing to join all the prominent big-name groups is a host of like-minded, tax-exempt, pseudo-free-enterprise outfits, many operating under the umbrella of the Conservative Energy Network. This 2016 creation includes Young Conservatives for Energy Reform, an environmentalist Christian Coalition of America, Citizens for Responsible Energy Reform – and Conservatives for Clean Energy (CCE), launched in 2014 as an “educational” and “charity” organization.

Saving our planet from dangerous manmade global warming

They all advocate the asserted need to “fundamentally transform” energy and economic systems, and switch from fossil fuels to “clean, renewable” energy, to save our civilization and planet from “dangerous manmade global warming, climate change and extreme weather.” The other thing they seem to have in common is funding sources that enable them to be so visible and active.

Prominent among those funding sources is The Energy Foundation. It launched CCE with a $350,000 grant in 2014, gave $535,000 to the Christian Coalition in 2013 and sent $925,000 to the North Carolina Solar Energy Alliance since 2008, the Civitas Institute notes, citing tax filings and other sources.

Between 2007 and 2014, Civitas points out, TEF also gave $4,476,000 to the Southern Environmental Law Center, a litigation factory that uses questionable climate and ecological claims to drive lawsuits against energy and other development projects, raising energy costs, killing jobs, and hammering the budgets, health and wellbeing of poor, minority and working class families.

As a 2014 US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee report explained, a virtual who’s who of ultra-wealthy leftist foundations and their “Billionaires’ Club” of donors is the financial force behind The Energy Foundation. TEF serves as a “pass-through” hub that helps donors make it seem that grant recipients have a more diversified base of support than they actually do; shields them from transparency and accountability; and at times hides contributions from donors that could raise serious “red” flags.

Funneling huge sums from Vladimir Putin pals

One such donor is the secretive Sea Change Foundation. Set up by billionaires Nat Simons and his wife, Sea Change has been exposed by multiple investigators as a shell corporation that funnels huge sums to radical anti-fracking and anti-fossil fuel activists from Vladimir Putin pals, giant Russian oil companies and investment groups, and more reputable sources like the Gates and Walmart Foundations.

The Energy Foundation received nearly $65 million from Sea Change between 1997 and 2015 – plus tens of millions more from the Hewlett, Packard, McKnight, MacArthur, Rockefeller, Pew, Bloomberg, Tomkat (Tom Steyer) and other foundations. All together, over 120 fat-cat foundations gave a whopping $534 million to the Energy Foundation between 1997 and 2015. During the same period, The Energy Foundation gave over $1.2 billion to more than 12,000 activist and agitator groups, investigative journalist Ron Arnold discovered.

Allied against Blue Collar America

It’s a bit daunting to have this kind of money and power allied with green, urban and government elites against Blue Collar America and the fossil fuels that still supply 81% of the USA’s energy.

This is the cabal of “consumer” and “environmental” groups that “Conservatives” for “Clean” Energy has in its corner. With offices in North Carolina and Virginia, CCE is heavily involved in fossil fuel and renewable energy political activism.

It is closely allied with the NC Solar Energy Alliance, to extend government mandates, tax credits and other government assistance to a marginal electricity source that brings higher prices, lower reliability, and reduced ability of families, hospitals, schools and businesses to meet tight budgets, says Civitas.

It has also partnered with the SELC and other groups pursuing new strategies to bankrupt and close coal-fired electricity generation plants, by generating misplaced fear about coal ash impoundments. Once public anxiety rose, activists demanded that the ash be dug up and moved “somewhere else,” regardless of the cost, which could be in the billions – and regardless of the fact that detected levels of chromium-6 (and other metals) do not pose health risks and come from natural rock formations, as well as from coal.

Keeping the ash where it is, and capping it with impermeable clay, is probably the best thing to do now.

But CCE then waded in with an opinion poll, which predictably found that North Carolinians want the ash moved but don’t want to pay for the removals, and support more wind and solar power. The groups are now poised to reprise the tactic in Virginia and other states with coal-fueled power generation.

TEF itself also weighed in, funding a study which predictably concluded that US renewable energy industries would “eventually” create 74,000 new jobs “from the ashes” of coal-related companies. Even if that were true, how many jobs would climate alarmism, chemical fear-mongering and costly renewable energy destroy in other sectors of our economy? Perhaps 740,000 or even 7,400,000?

President Obama’s Clean Power Plan alone could have imposed $1 trillion in lost output, 125,000 lost jobs and double-digit increases in electricity prices, the Wall Street Journal noted. The combined impact of all Obama Era climate and renewable energy programs would have cost the American economy $3 trillion and 6.5 million industrial sector jobs by 2040, Senator John Barrasso stated, referring to a National Economic Research Associates study.

“Clean” energy is not clean

To top it off, “clean” energy is not clean, renewable or sustainable. It requires perpetual subsidies, taken from taxpayers and consumers, and given to politically connected crony corporatists. It needs vast land acreage – for wind turbines, solar panels, long transmission lines … and backup fossil fuel generating plants. And all those facilities require enormous amounts of concrete, steel, copper, rare earth metals, fiberglass, fossil fuels and other non-renewable raw materials dug out of the ground, often in faraway lands that have few environmental, health or child labor standards.

Just imagine the tremendous good all those billions of dollars from all those “progressive” billionaires could do if – instead of lining the coffers of radical anti-energy agitator groups – they were devoted to actually helping poor families in the United States, other industrialized nations, and especially the most impoverished, energy-deprived, disease-ridden, malnourished countries on Earth? That would be real, long overdue social and environmental justice. If wishes were horses ….

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (, and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power – Black death and other books on the environment.



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New Mexico Snow Dump

Sun, 04/02/2017 - 15:31

More than 36 inches (90 cm) of fresh snow in just the last week.

31 Mar 2017 – The Taos area got 8 inches of new snow, making skiers and snowboarders pretty happy.

No one at Taos Ski Valley complained about the more than 36 inches of fresh snow in just the last week s-ski-valley-weather-northern-new-mexico/4439869/

Thanks to Norm Smith for this link

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More than 2 feet of snow for Newfoundland

Sun, 04/02/2017 - 13:23

Weather summary for Newfoundland by Environment Canada at 4:26 p.m. Saturday 1 April 2017.

Summary of snowfall in centimetres:

Gander Int’l Airport: 66 (26.0″)
La Scie: 63.7 (25.1″)
Terra Nova National Park: 55.2 (21.7″)
Twillingate: 50.4 (19.8″)
Bonavista: 32.1 (12.6″)
Englee: 31.7 (12.5″)
Burnt Pond: 31 (12.2″)
Lethbridge: 26 (10.2″)

Thanks to Terry Homeniuk for this link

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Kambalny Eruption Intensifies – Video

Sun, 04/02/2017 - 13:14
Also, underwater volcanic eruptions off Japan

The eruption at the Kambalny Volcano in eastern Russia on the Kamchatka Peninsula continues to intensify

The ash cloud now extends over 200 miles and rises 30,000+ in the air. Additionally underwater volcanoes erupt in the “Dragon’s Triangle” along the Bayonaise Rocks ares south of Tokyo.

Then we have ice volcanoes in the great lakes of USA and ocean sea temperatures are very cool in the southern hemisphere.

Thanks to Laurel for this video

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A foot or more of heavy wet snow across northern New England

Sat, 04/01/2017 - 19:35

Merry Christmas Happy April Fool’s Day, New England!

As of early Saturday afternoon, 19.0 inches (48 cm) of snow had fallen in Washington, NH, a foot (30 cm) in Concord, NH, 15.8 inches (40 cm) near Rochester, VT, 13.0 inches in Killington, VT and 6.7 inches in Burlington, VT.

In Maine, Steep Falls reported 13.4 inches of snow, Gray reported 12.7 inches, and Portland reported 10.8 inches.

Meanwhile, parts of New York and Massachusetts reported more than 8 inches of snow.

Northern New England has already received more snow than normal this winter. With 84.4 inches of snow, Portland, Maine, stands 2 feet (60 cm) above normal while the 73.8 inches of snow in Concord places New Hampshire’ capital city about 15 inches above normal.

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