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GIGO-based energy and climate policies

IceAgeNow - Mon, 02/27/2017 - 12:53

“Just follow the money – and power-grabbing.” – Paul Driessen

Earth’s climate is likely changing somewhere, and human activities may play a role – albeit one that is dwarfed by the powerful natural forces that have always caused climate cycles and fluctuations.

It certainly doesn’t justify ceding control over our livelihoods and living standards to politicians, activists and bureaucrats … honoring the unilateral non-treaty treaty that President Obama signed in Paris … continuing to spend well over $1.5 trillion a year on climate and renewable energy programs … or paying any attention to Garbage In/Garbage Out computer models, like the one this article rips apart.

GIGO-based energy and climate policies

It’s like formulating public safety policies using models based on dinosaur DNA from amber

By Paul Driessen

Things are never quiet on the climate front.

After calling dangerous manmade climate change a hoax and vowing to withdraw the USA from the Paris agreement, President Trump has apparently removed language criticizing the Paris deal from a pending executive order initiating a rollback of anti-fossil-fuel regulations, to help jumpstart job creation.

Meanwhile, EPA Administration Scott Pruitt says he expects quick action to rescind the Clean Power Plan, a central component of the Obama Era’s war on coal and hydrocarbons. The US House Committee on Science, Space and Technology is reopening its investigation into NOAA’s mishandling or tampering with global temperature data, for a report designed to promote action in Paris in 2015.

Hundreds of scientists signed a letter urging President Trump to withdraw from the UN climate agency. They warn that efforts to curtail carbon dioxide emissions are not scientifically justified and will kill jobs and exacerbate US and international poverty without improving the environment or stabilizing climate.

Hundreds of other scientists told Mr. Trump he must not waver on climate stabilization efforts or make any moves to defund government or university climate research. Hundreds of businessmen and investors told the President failure to build a low-carbon economy puts American prosperity at risk.

Over in Britain, Members of Parliament say efforts to build a low-carbon economy have led to a 58% rise in electricity prices since 2006, sending manufacturing and jobs overseas, to countries that are under no obligation to reduce fossil fuel use or CO2 emissions. MPs are also angry that carefully hidden “green subsidies” will account for nearly one-fourth of sky-high residential electricity bills by 2020.

All of this is a valuable reminder that the Climate Crisis & Renewable Energy Industry is now a $1.5-trillion-a-year business! And that’s just for its private sector components, the corporate rent-seekers.

This monstrous price tag does not include the Big Green environmentalism industry, the salaries and pensions of armies of federal, state, local, foreign country and UN bureaucrats who create and coordinate climate and renewable energy programs, or the far higher electricity and motor fuel costs that businesses and families must pay, to cover the costs of “saving people and planet from climate ravages.”

Earth’s climate is likely changing somewhere, as it has throughout planetary and human history. Our fuel use and countless other human activities may play a role, at least locally – but their role is dwarfed to near irrelevance by powerful solar, oceanic, cosmic ray and other natural forces. Moreover, real-world ice, sea level, temperature, hurricane, drought and other observations show nothing outside historic fluctuations. Unprecedented disasters exist only in the realm of hypotheses, press releases and computer models.

So there is no reason to cede control over our livelihoods and living standards to politicians, activists and bureaucrats; replace reliable, affordable fossil fuel energy with expensive, unreliable renewables; destroy millions of jobs in the process; and tell billions of impoverished people they must be content with solar ovens, solar panels, wind turbines, and health, nutrition and living standards little better than today’s.

A treaty with dictators and thieves

There is no reason to honor the document that President Obama unilaterally signed in Paris. As Dr. Steve Allen observed in a masterful analysis: “The decisive action promised in the treaty that is not a treaty consists of governments, most of them run by dictators and thieves, promising, on an honor system, to take steps of their own choosing, to change future weather patterns, and then coming up with ways by which they can measure their own progress and hold themselves accountable by their own standards for the promises they have made, on penalty of no punishment if they break their word.”

Mainly, Allen continues, the Paris con is about “taking money from taxpayers and consumers and businesspeople and electricity ratepayers, and giving it to crony capitalists; and taking money from people in relatively successful countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries, to benefit governing elites.”

India alone wants hundreds of billions of dollars in climate “adaptation and reparation” money from industrialized nations that are supposed to slash their fossil fuel use, CO2 emissions and economic growth, while pouring trillions into the Green Climate Fund. Meanwhile, India, China and other rapidly developing nations are firing up hundreds of coal-fueled power plants, burning more oil and gas, and emitting more CO2, to industrialize their countries and lift their people out of abject poverty – as well they should.

Just follow the money – and power-grabbing.

So just follow the money – and power-grabbing. That is the real source of the religious fervor, the Catechism of Climate Cataclysm, behind the vehement denunciations of President Trump for having the gall to threaten the global high priests who drive and profit from climate change fear mongering.

Those forces are desperate and determined to keep their power and money train on track. They’re ramping up indignation and cranking out “research” to justify their demands. For example:

Expert Market (whose core expertise is helping companies compare prices for postage meters, coffee machines and other B2B products) has just released a study purporting to show which US states will suffer most “from Trump’s climate change denial” and America’s “climate change inaction.”

The total cost will be $506 billion by 2050, just for hurricane and other real estate damages, extra energy costs, and more frequent and severe droughts. “Vermont emerged as the state worst equipped to handle the cost,” the study contends, while Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas are also “severely at risk.” California and New York are among those best able to endure the imminent chaos.

Garbage In/Garbage Out (GIGO)

It sounds horrific – and it’s intended to be, the better to pressure the White House and Congress to codify and enforce the nonbinding provisions of the Paris non-treaty, and retain Obama-era anti-hydrocarbon energy policies. But the entire exercise is a classic example of Garbage In/Garbage Out (GIGO) black box computer modeling, carefully crafted to ensure the justifications required for a predetermined political outcome, especially the monumental “nationwide green initiatives” that Expert Market supports.

Thus, carbon dioxide will drive rapidly rising global temperatures that will warm the planet enough to increase sea surface temperatures dramatically – spawning more frequent, more damaging hurricanes, and melting polar ice caps enough to raise sea levels 23 inches by 2050, the Expert Market experts assert.

Global warming measured in hundredths of a degree over the past 19 years will suddenly be replaced by runaway heat waves. Seas now rising at 7 inches per century will suddenly climb at ten times that rate over the next three decades, sending storm surges far inland. Major US land-falling hurricanes that have been absent now for eleven years will suddenly proliferate to unprecedented levels.

How Vermont and the other top-five “worst equipped” states – all of them inland – will be affected by any of this is anyone’s guess. But the model says they’re at risk, so we must take drastic action now.

“Green” state electricity costs are twice as high as in coal and gas-reliant states

Soaring temperatures will increase demand for air conditioning, and thus raise household energy costs, says Expert Market. CA, NY and other “green” state electricity costs are already twice as high as those in coal and gas-reliant states. Imposing wind and solar initiatives on fossil fuel states would likely double their family and business energy costs, but that factor is not included in its calculations.

Droughts “will become more frequent and severe” in states already afflicted by arid conditions – assuming all the dire CO2 depredations, and ignoring both those states’ long experience with drought cycles and how California’s years-long drought has once again given way to abundant rainfall.

Data manipulation

The Expert Market study is symptomatic of the politicized assumptions and data manipulation that have driven climate models and disaster scenarios since the IPCC began studying manmade climate chaos.

Indeed, the entire climate chaos exercise is akin to basing public safety policies on computer models that assume dinosaur DNA extracted from fossilized amber will soon result in hordes of T rexes running rampant across our land. We deserve a more honest, rational basis for policies that govern our lives.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power – Black death.



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Witches Unite to Cast ‘Binding Spell’ on Trump

IceAgeNow - Sun, 02/26/2017 - 15:12

Using “black magic” to prevent the president from governing.

The spell also invokes evil on “those who abet” Trump, which would seem to appear to cover his staff and political nominees, and perhaps the millions who voted for him as well.

Meanwhile, a number of Christian groups and individuals have promised to pray for Mr. Trump.

See entire article:

Thanks to Kevin A for this link

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Hundreds of scientists petition Trump to withdraw from U.N. climate-change agency

IceAgeNow - Sat, 02/25/2017 - 16:08

Signers of the petition include U.S. and international atmospheric scientists, meteorologists, physicists, professors and others taking issue with the UN’s attempts to combat “dangerous” climate change.

23 Feb 2017 – More than 300 scientists have urged President Trump to withdraw from the U.N.’s climate change agency, warning that its push to curtail carbon dioxide threatens to exacerbate poverty without improving the environment.

In a letter to the president, MIT professor emeritus Richard Lindzen called on the U.S. and other nations to “change course on an outdated international agreement that targets minor greenhouse gases,” starting with carbon dioxide.

“Since 2009, the US and other governments have undertaken actions with respect to global climate that are not scientifically justified and that already have, and will continue to cause serious social and economic harm — with no environmental benefits,” said Mr. Lindzen, a prominent atmospheric physicist.

Challenging the catastrophic climate change narrative, Mr. Lindzen describes carbon dioxide as “plant food, not poison.”

Restricting access to fossil fuels “condemns over 4 billion people in still underdeveloped countries to continued poverty.” says Lindzen in his letter.

See entire article:

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Bill to Eliminate EPA Introduced in Congress

IceAgeNow - Sat, 02/25/2017 - 15:22

Earlier this month, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) introduced H.R. 861, a bill to abolish the the EPA. Representative Gaetz’s bill is only one sentence long. It states, “The Environmental Protection Agency shall terminate on December 31, 2018.”

Threat to Private Property Rights

Despite whatever good intentions the EPA’s creators may have had when they established the “unconstitutional agency,” says an article posted yesterday by Christian Gomez, “it quickly deviated from its stated mission of protecting the nation’s environment to being a tool for radical environmentalists to impose anti-property rights regulations, which threaten the very heart and soul of both individual and economic freedom.”

See all of this great article:

Thanks to Craig Adkins for this link

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Cascade Passes – Up to 16 inches of snow in next 24 hours

IceAgeNow - Sat, 02/25/2017 - 15:10


Feb 25 2017… The National Weather Service in Seattle has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for snow from 6 PM this evening to 7 PM Sunday….

Cascades of Snohomish and King Counties-
Cascades of Pierce and Lewis Counties-

Includes…Stevens Pass, Snoqualmie Pass, White Pass, and Paradise.

SNOW ACCUMULATIONS…5 to 10 inches tonight, an additional 3 to 6 inches on Sunday. Total accumulation 8 to 16 inches.

SNOW LEVEL…Falling to near 200 feet by late tonight. Rising to
1000 feet on Sunday afternoon.

MAIN IMPACT…Snow will cause slippery and hazardous driving
conditions. Slow down and expect delays if traveling across the


Be prepared for snow covered roads and limited visibilities, and use caution while driving.

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Journalists’ Tendencies to “Boil-over”

IceAgeNow - Fri, 02/24/2017 - 19:02

“The terms carbon, carbon dioxide, and carbonate(s) are not interchangeable. They describe entirely different materials.”
– Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser ________________________________________________________

Journalists’ Tendencies to “Boil-over”

By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Politics aside, there is a variety of “science news” that makes you wonder. A case in point is the news about a recent publication by scientists at the University of Royal Holloway London (URH) with headlines like:

Massive pool of boiling carbon that could cause CLIMATE CHAOS discovered,” or

Huge sea of BOILING CARBON — the size of MEXICO — is sitting beneath USA.”

A little visual display of one of those posts may help you along in understanding the grave danger from that sea of “boiling carbon.” Just look at the picture nearby.

Doesn’t that “warm your heart,” or, at least your stove? After all, carbon only MELTS at around 4000 °C (much higher number in °F), so that carbon must be BOILING at a yet higher temperature.

Well, the release by the URH itself is slightly more subdued, it only mentions “melting carbon.” But let’s forget about such minor details and get to the crux of the matter.

What’s the “melting or boiling carbon” finding all about?

It may be difficult to relate the media headlines or even the URH release to the paper by S. Hier-Majumder and B. Tauzin on “Pervasive upper mantle melting beneath the western US,” recently published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 463 (2017) pp. 25–35. The lead author kindly provided me with a reprint and an explanatory comment as well, which states, inter alia:

“Regarding melting, figure 8(a) and the discussion around it might be helpful.

There isn’t a ‘lake’ or ‘boiling’ carbon in this reservoir. In fact, the amount of melt is only 0.5 vol%, the remaining 99.5% being solid. That said, the huge areal extent leads to the large mass of carbonate melt. Also, the figure of 100 trillion tons is based on the assumption that this reservoir is global.”

That figure, (Fig. 8 in the paper) shows an anomaly at approximately 400 km depth that may indicate the existence of various hydrogen- and carbon-CONTAINING minerals and rocks. You can see the figure below (Fig. 8) together with its original caption.

Fig. 8, including caption, of the article at

In reality, the paper does not show the existence of either melting or boiling CARBON at all. Rather it claims the existence of partially melted CARBONATES. Carbonates are minerals made up from metal salts with carbonic acid (carbon dioxide hydrate), like limestone (calcium carbonate) or dolomite (calcium/magnesium carbonate). At least in part, this is due to excess carbon dioxide (CO2) and some water in these parts of the earth’s mantle.

That’s also why most volcanic eruptions contain large amounts of CO2 that drives the volcanic ash plumes miles high into the atmosphere.

Liquid “Carbon”

Similar to propane gas, CO2 (also a gas at room temperature) can easily be compressed to a liquid. In fact, such liquid CO2 is widely used in common handheld fire extinguishers in airports, on ships, at locations with sensitive electronic equipment, and in chemical laboratories. As a chemist myself, I have had first-hand experience in their use and efficiency.

Dear Reader, please note, the terms carbon, carbon dioxide, and carbonate(s) are not interchangeable. They describe entirely different materials. Their confusion was widely propagated by the past president of the U.S. who liked to talk about “carbon pollution” while actually referring to “carbon dioxide.” Of course, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant but a vital trace constituent (at 0.04%) of the atmosphere.

In fact, prior to the large scale photosynthesis in the natural environment that began approximately 2,000 million years ago, the earth’s atmosphere contained vastly higher levels of CO2 than today. In comparison to those times, the atmosphere now is rather starved of that vital constituent.

To Summarize

There really is no pool of liquid or boiling “carbon” deep down below the surface. Yes, there is carbon dioxide that is being released by volcanoes to replenish the atmospheric component. Without such CO2-spewing volcanoes, life on earth would have disappeared already millions of years ago. Really, we should be glad to have them, though not necessarily in your backyard.

It all “boils down” to a simple question, namely:


Is the earth going to get warmer because of that “boiling carbon” deep down below?


No, it is not!

If you want to read the full scientific paper, please contact me.

Otherwise, just relax and take things on a day-by-day basis.  Don’t fall for some journalists’ claims that may be prophesizing the end of the world or something close to it.

Above all, please remember:

Carbon (dioxide) is the life blood of all beings on earth — no ifs, buts, or maybes!

Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser is a professional scientist with a Ph.D. in chemistry from the Technical University, Munich, Germany. He has worked as a research scientist and project chief at Environment Canada‘s Canada Centre for Inland Waters for over 30 years and is currently Director of Research at TerraBase Inc. He is author of nearly 300 publications in scientific journals, government and agency reports, books, computer programs, trade magazines, and newspaper articles.

Dr. Kaiser has been president of the International Association for Great Lakes Research, a peer reviewer of numerous scientific papers for several journals, Editor-in-Chief of the Water Quality Research Journal of Canada for nearly a decade, and an adjunct professor. He has contributed to a variety of scientific projects and reports and has made many presentations at national and international conferences.

Dr. Kaiser is author of CONVENIENT MYTHS, the green revolution – perceptions, politics, and facts

Dr. Kaiser can be reached at:

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Record Snowfall – Colorado Ski Resort Extends Season

IceAgeNow - Fri, 02/24/2017 - 17:49

“Due to the record breaking snow year we’ve extended the ski season until April 16th!” says the Keystone Resort’s web page.

“The record breaking snow seemingly has not stopped falling the past two months,” said Mike Goar, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Keystone Resort. “We’ve received more than 13 feet (396 cm) of snow in December and January, the second highest combined total ever for those two months. With such an impressive and historic amount of snowfall at Keystone, we are delighted to extend our season through Easter.”

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link


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Oh Horrors! Trump to Enforce the Law

IceAgeNow - Fri, 02/24/2017 - 16:11

Just who does he think he is?

Thanks to Mike McEvoy for this cartoon

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Coca-Cola closing South Australia factory – Unreliable electricity

IceAgeNow - Fri, 02/24/2017 - 14:43

Will cause loss of nearly 200 jobs

Defense minister Christopher Pyne said the company was leaving his home state because of high business costs and concerns about the reliability of the power supply.

“We can’t keep going on as a high-tax, highly expensive place to do business with the highest electricity prices in the country and the most unreliable electricity supply in the country,” Pyne told FiveAA radio.

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Kazakhstan – 300 people rescued from snow in Pavlodar oblast

IceAgeNow - Fri, 02/24/2017 - 13:55

Strong storm causes road closures across almost entire region.

23 Feb 2017 – In Pavlodar region about 300 people have been rescued from snow captivity, according to TV channel “CTC”.

Blizzard has deteriorated visibility on the roads. On the highway Pavlodar – Karaganda in the village Shiderty were stuck 55 trucks, 6 buses and six cars. On the road Scherbakty – Kulunda, snowdrifts trapped 45 cars.

In total, 120 pieces of equipment and 270 people, including five children were evacuated, and medical assistance was provided to four people, according to Sergey Chernov, head of DES Pavlodar region.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

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Heavy snow in east China’s Fujian Province

IceAgeNow - Fri, 02/24/2017 - 13:42

Yellow alert issued .

24 Feb 2017 – A heavy snowstorm hit Pucheng County of east China’s Fujian Province early Friday.

Accumulated snow in urban districts of two centimeters, while the figure in townships and towns reached 7 to 10 cm, according to Pucheng meteorological department.

(I have a hard time calling 7 to 10 cm of snow a “heavy snowstorm,” but I don’t know how much snow is normal for that area.)

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

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Snowstorms and blizzards across central U.S.

IceAgeNow - Fri, 02/24/2017 - 13:12

Up to 16 inches (40 cm) of snow fell across Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado yesterday, then began moving into the central U.S.

South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota,  Iowa, all were in the cross hairs.

Localized blizzard conditions caused whiteouts, snarled travel and forced road closures across the area.

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Wettest year on record in Reno – And it’s only February

IceAgeNow - Thu, 02/23/2017 - 18:41

And there are still 221 days left of the year to go.

The Nevada city has surpassed the wettest water year on record since 1893 (124 years), says the National Weather Service.

Thanks to H.B. Schmidt for this link

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Snow up to the eaves at Lake Tahoe – See photos

IceAgeNow - Thu, 02/23/2017 - 05:02

“We’ve had so much snow to the point where it’s getting hard to measure.” So said Scott McGuire, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Reno.

As of February 21  the snow pack in the Lake Tahoe Basin was 219 percent of normal, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Service of California.

Snow pack in the Truckee River Basin was 212 percent of normal, while snow pack in the Walker River Basin, including Mammoth Ski Resort, was 224 percent of average.

See photos:

Thanks to Martin Hoer for this link

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Worst floods in a century in San Jose

IceAgeNow - Thu, 02/23/2017 - 04:01

Residents of the inundated California city are angry that they were not given more warning that a disaster was imminent.

“If the first time a resident is aware that they need to get out of a home is when they see a firefighter in a boat, then clearly there has been a failure,” said San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo.

Chest-deep  water trapped hundreds of residents in homes and in trees.

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Ski California on the 4th of July

IceAgeNow - Thu, 02/23/2017 - 03:47

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has received some 565 inches of snowfall this season – more than 47 feet (14.35 meters). That’s almost the height of a 5-story building.

As a result, the Tahoe-area ski resort plans to stay open until July 4.

Squaw Valley is not alone. Kirkwood, Northstar and Heavenly have all recorded almost as much snow – around 550 inches – since the beginning of the season

South of the Tahoe area, Mammoth Mountain also plans to stay open until July.

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Congress Investigates After Whistleblower Exposes Fake Science

IceAgeNow - Thu, 02/23/2017 - 02:19

NOAA “has deceived the American people by falsifying data to justify a partisan agenda.” – House Science Committee Chairman Congressman Lamar Smith


Congress is ramping up its investigation into a key climate study after a federal whistleblower raised serious questions about it’s validity.

The whistleblower, Dr. John Bates, a former top scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) accused Tom Karl, former director of the NOAA office responsible for climate data, of manipulating temperature readings, failing to archive data, and ignoring agency protocols in a rush to publish his report right before the Paris climate conference in 2015.

The explosive allegations from Dr. Bates were detailed in the Daily Mail and on the scientific blog, Climate, Etc. on February 5.

See entire article by Julie Kelly:

Thanks to Marcus Muraca for this link

See also:

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NASA Global Warming Research Funding Slashed

IceAgeNow - Wed, 02/22/2017 - 23:13

The United States Senate has approved legislation that cuts funding for NASA’s global warming activities.

The House is expected to pass the bill, and President Trump will likely sign it. Supporters say it “re-balances” NASA’s budget back toward space exploration and away from global warming and earth science research. Republicans plan to end the more than $2 billion NASA spends on its Earth Science Mission Directorate.

Senate Rules: NASA Global Warming Research To Stop Immediately, Instead Fund Space Exploration

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12 to 18 inches of snow for Wyoming – Blizzard warning in effect

IceAgeNow - Wed, 02/22/2017 - 22:37

Very strong winter storm. Blizzard conditions expected along I-80 east of Rock Springs… over South Pass and in the Jeffrey City… Sweetwater Station area later tonight through Thursday.


The National Weather Service in Riverton has issued a Blizzard
Warning… from 11 PM this evening to 11 AM Friday.

Snow will develop tonight…and may become heavy at times from the predawn hours Thursday through early Thursday evening. Snow will continue into Friday morning before tapering off to flurries.

SNOWFALL…12 to 18 inches.

Travel may become nearly impossible due to the heavy snow…very strong wind and near zero visibility at times.

Winds will start to decrease later Thursday night into Friday morning.

Storm will then head east toward the Plains and upper Midwest.

National Weather Service Riverton WY

Heavy snow and strong wind impact much of Central and Southern
Wyoming as early as this evening through mid day Friday…

A very strong winter storm is expected to move into Southern
Wyoming tonight and stall out during the day before slowly winding
down and shifting east of the area later Friday. The heaviest snow
for most areas will be later tonight through Thursday. This storm
system will also be accompanied by strong winds in many areas.

Green Mountains and Rattlesnake Range-Including the city of Jeffrey City

See United States map as to where the storm will head next. Includes complete list of warnings from the Rockies thru the Midwest:

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for these links

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Snowing in midsummer in southern Australia

IceAgeNow - Wed, 02/22/2017 - 17:27

In addition to flooding in several cities in the state of Victoria, snowfall accumulated at the highest points.

In the Falls Creek ski-resort area, up to two centimeters of snow accumulated between the 19th and the 21st, according to local authorities.

Meanwhile, with a max of 17.3 ° C.,  Melbore recorded the lowest temperature in 12 years for the month of February. The mercury in Swan Hill rose only to 5.5 ° C, according to dData from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

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